Letter opposing Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration from Mark H. Bramson

January 4, 2011

City of Encinitas
Planning and Building Department
505 South Vulcan Avenue
Encinitas, CA 92024

Subject: Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration –Desert Rose Subdivision

I have reviewed the Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration (Case No. 09-200 TMDB/DR), the Environmental Initial Study, and Initial Study and Environmental Checklist that are now available for public review.

The Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration should not be approved at this time.

My analysis indicates that a number of conclusions contained in the Declaration and supporting documents are not supported by the data and logic presented in these documents. There are a number of items in these documents that require additional data and/or explanation. In addition, there are omissions relating to corrective policies and a there is no discussion about the impact of the emissions aspect of the construction process.

My comments are attached.


Mark H. Bramson

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cc: Scott Vurbeff

Comments on Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration

Comments on Initial Study and Environmental Checklist

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  1. Kay and Greg Matherly
    January 6, 2011 at 5:24 pm · Reply

    As residents of Dove Song Way in Olivenhain, we are very opposed to this Dana Rullo 17 lot development for the following reasons:
     It is not at all consistent with our community character.
     It is not ecological—the proposal is to kill all existing trees and wildlife & compensate by making a donation to a wildlife fund.
     The proposal asks to CHANGE THE ZONING LAWS to sap value from our properties into their pockets!
     The proposed plan will significantly degrade the peace, tranquility, privacy, and enjoyment of the lives of the residents.
     Houses will be 10 Feet Apart – inconsistent with area land use.
     Water drainage issues have not been faced realistically.
     Large no. of proposed units are designated “VERY LOW INCOME.”
     The owners are investors and flippers—not like most of us who bought here to live here or built a house for ourselves.
     At 2 so-called “citizen participation meetings” we all tried to convince them that with the 9 houses that the current zoning allows, they could still make money on the project, and although we would miss the horses, we’d go along with it. They responded by increasing the number of proposed no. of units from 14 to 16.
     The proposed number of new homes in a small area will place a stress on utilities, public services, schools, and other community needs.
     Safety in this area will be impacted in several ways.
     Inadequate inside parking is planned, which will lead to dangerous and unsightly overflow parking on Desert Rose Way.

    Most importantly we have significant water drainage issues and soil settlement issues in the area and there has already been litigation regarding this. Traffic has already increased dramatically increased due to the development of desert rose and via de felicita. There have been a number of near misses with respect to children, animals and car accidents that I have witnessed. Adding to this traffic will be very dangerous.
    Kay and Greg Matherly
    965 Dove Song Way
    Olivenhain, CA

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